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If you or your child is having trouble sleeping, a sleep study can offer valuable information about why it’s happening. To get a personalized analysis of your sleeping patterns, visit Joshua Rotenberg, MD, Sarat Susarla, MD and Joseph L. Edmonds, M.D., FACS, FAAP, 
at Houston Specialty Clinic. With offices in Houston and Sugar Land, Texas, the practice utilizes the polysomnography technique to measure your oxygen rate, breathing patterns, and other factors that affect sleep. Call today to learn more.

Sleep Studies Q & A

What is a sleep study?

A sleep study, also called a polysomnography, is a test that measures the stages of your sleep cycle and identifies patterns that are leading to disrupted sleep.

The test records information about your brain waves, breathing patterns, oxygen levels, and heart rate during sleep. It also measures your eye and leg movements.

Do I need a sleep study?

You might need a sleep study if you or your doctor suspects you have a sleeping disorder, like sleep apnea, insomnia, sleepwalking, or restless leg syndrome.

Sleep studies are also helpful if you’ve already been diagnosed with a sleep disorder, and you’re still having symptoms.

Your provider at Houston Specialty Clinic can assess your symptoms to determine if a polysomnography would be helpful.

How are sleep studies performed?

Usually, you come to a sleep center or hospital for a sleep study. You arrive in the evening to prepare and spend the night. If you’re a night worker, you can have a sleep study during the day.

You sleep in a normal bed in a quiet, dark room. Your provider attaches sensors to different areas of your body to measure your heart rate, breathing, oxygen, movement, or other factors during sleep. There are usually cameras and audio equipment in the room.

While you may not sleep as well as you normally do during a sleep study, the test is still valuable and can provide accurate information about your sleeping patterns.

What happens after my sleep study?

When you wake in the morning, you can go home and resume your normal activities. You’ll have a follow-up appointment at Houston Specialty Clinic to discuss the results of your study and next steps.

Each person has different needs, and your care following a somnography depends on the results of the test. With the detailed information you gain from a somnography, you can make more informed decisions about your health and get on the path toward more restful sleep.

To learn more about how you can benefit from a sleep study, contact Houston Specialty Clinic today. Call to book a consultation.

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