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Neuromodulation is an exciting technology that offers hope to patients suffering with nervous system conditions. At the Houston and Sugar Land, Texas, offices of Houston Specialty Clinic, board-certified pediatric neurologist Joshua Rotenberg, MD, specializes in helping children who have neurological conditions using the most advanced therapies. One of these treatments is transcranial direct current stimulation, which uses neuromodulation to provide noninvasive, painless therapy for conditions like movement disorders, Call the Houston Specialty Clinic closest to you for more information.

Neuromodulation Q & A

What is neuromodulation?

Neuromodulation is a technology that alters (modulates) nerve activity using electrical signals or, in some cases, delivers targeted medications. There are a wide variety of treatments that use neuromodulation, covering many types of neurological or nerve disorders.

Chronic pain relief is one of the best-known uses of neuromodulation, but there’s an increasing number of other applications. Examples include:

  • Vagus nerve Stimulation
  • GammaCore
  • ENeura
  • Cephaly

Neuromodulation technology is ever progressing. Dr. Rotenberg follows developments in neuromodulation to ensure his patients can benefit from the latest advances.

How does neuromodulation work?

Neuromodulation stimulates the brain or nerves, which respond with a natural biological reaction. The neurostimulation device has electrodes that interface with your nervous system. . VNS is implanted by a surgeon. Other devices are EXTERNAL. The electrode leads connect to a pulse generator and power source that generates the required electrical stimulation. 

Low-voltage electrical current from the generator passes to the target, where it interferes with pain signals or helps restore  neural impulses.

What is transcranial direct current stimulation?

Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), is a form of neuromodulation. TDCS is  an emerging evidence-based modality of treatment and a noninvasive way of stimulating specific parts of the brain. The therapy aims at improving plasticity using LOW direct electrical currents. Treatment effects can last for months. 

Like a TENS machine, the treatment is tolerated well , with the only typical  side effects being tingling or minor itching sensations. 

Dr. Rotenberg uses neuromodulation as a COMPLEMENT to standard care and  AFTER standard therapies have failed. The treatment can help patients who have traumatic brain injury (TBI), OCD, , impaired cognition, and language disorders.

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